Call for Abstract
    We warmly welcome all contributions from members and guests. It is an opportunity to share your outstanding and meaningful works.
    The Content of Abstract
    1.  Otology
    2.  Rhinology
    3.  Laryngology and phoniatrics
    4.  Head and Neck surgery
    5.  Other
    Abstract Preparation Guidelines
    Abstracts must be submitted in English.
    • Use a font not smaller than 10-point for the text.
    • Limit your abstracts to 800 words.
    • Arrange your abstract as follows:
          -  A title: brief and clear, do not indent
          -  Authors: all authors names without degrees or titles
          -  Institution, city and country where the study was performed, no postal address or code
          -  Separate paragraphs of the Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions
    • Define each abbreviation the first time it is used in the text by placing in parentheses.
    • Do not include references in the abstract.
    *Abstracts not prepared as instructed above or submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
    Means of Submission
    Submitting abstract when you are registering online (www.collegium2018.com.cn). 
    Open of Submission:                When the registration opened
    Deadline of Submission:           31 May, 2018

16th-19th SEPTEMBER 2018


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